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    We are interested in abrasive solutions within AKB marble. With these efforts, for example, we aim to find the right sandpaper when decorating the bathroom or to find the right grinding stone to speed up production at your plant. In this way, you can make a difference with your workforce, environmental stance and profitability.


   2009-our company, which was founded in many regions of marble varieties in the most beautiful way hand-crafting and state-of-the-art machines to process and make ready to apply to you with the excitement and happiness of presenting the service to you leave to your discretion. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our working conditions, reduce noise and dust, increase the number of parts you can process in unit time. At this time, we also consider the ergonomics of the application in order to improve the comfort of the employees. 'True' means something different for each customer. And if we don't have the solution you're looking for today, you can count on us to develop it tomorrow. AKB Marble, a brand of marble, the worldwide leader of the living spaces and construction market, offers the widest range of products for all markets, materials and applications in cutting, grinding, welding seam cleaning, finishing and polishing. At this time, AKB marble appeals to all markets and offers the most advanced technology at the most reasonable price with its solutions for every type of material. Therefore, as your needs increase, our access to the worldwide technical expertise of AKB marble becomes more important for you to make a difference in your daily practices. We have access to regional technical expertise in Turkey. We are proud to be present in your daily life as a strong organization. We are a global brand that produces local solutions with our employees. Our employees identify, manufacture, distribute and sell the materials you use every day at home or at work. With its experience-based knowledge, our team provides you with the opportunity to produce powerful, precise, easy-to-use abrasive solutions. For more information about the application, Sunday and our products, you can visit our site in detail.  We can also make changes to our products specific to your needs. Because AKB marble, the important thing is to provide solutions for the issues you care about.