Construction & Building

Construction & Building

We have met many works that have proven themselves as building construction in the past. For example, Ottoman “Mosques”, India's “Taj Mahal”, China's “Great Wall” and so on. These works show how much importance was given to this sector economically and technically.

People, states, ways of living, needs, concepts have changed and the structures have been diversified and grown in the following ages. In short, all buildings, roads, bridges, dams, sewers, etc. are constructed on land or in water. The construction of the facilities is called CONSTRUCTION. Construction works, building construction, infrastructure construction is divided into two.

The construction sector is a sector that completely affects and concerns human life. It sits in houses built by this sector, reads in schools, works in workplaces, roads and so on. We make use of infrastructure facilities.

The most important thing is the construction sector, which is closely related to the Human element, and very bad results are encountered in case of mistakes and failures. These mistakes are earthquake, flood, landslide, fire and so on. It is understood how important it is after the losses in disasters. Every person in the construction process is planned and doing his / her work right gives the society the opportunity to live in more smooth, contemporary and robust structures.

Main causes of construction sector problems in general

Undeveloped building culture,

Escape from material for excess profit,

Working with non-experts,

Unfair competition in the sector,

Inadequate enforcement of laws,

Economic weaknesses